Salvi Nomad

Welcome! My name is Mariana and I’m the author behind Salvi Nomad. It’s so nice to have you here!

My passion is to hike and travel, but like your average adult I have a day job. Ugh, I know!

The purpose of this blog is to inspire you to get outdoors. And the way I hope to do that is by sharing my adventures with you. To make it interesting for all of us, I’m going to add extra helpings of sarcasm!

Some adventures will take place right here on Long Island and others half way around the world. Either way, I’m glad you’re here!

Where would you like to go?

National Parks

I haven’t been to all of them yet, but they’re all on my list! These are the ones I’ve been to so far.


Not all my adventures include hikes. Sometimes I go sightseeing like a true tourist.

Local Hikes

Hikes in upstate NY, NJ, and sometimes PA to hiking in my own backyard Long Island.


Adventures in cities outside the tri-state area.

Recent Ramblings

52 Hike Challenge 2021

About Me

For those of you interested in learning more about me and how I even got here, I’m not even sure how I got here lol. I’ll do my best to throw some words together so you can get to know me. Head over to the About Me page.

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