One of the few good things I can attribute to Covid-19 so far is discovering Field 10 at Jones Beach. Yes, I’m using the word discovering very loosely here. It’s obvious by the few times I’ve been here that it’s a well know place because there are always cars in the lot. But it’s brand new to me!

Even before my mom moved us out to Long Island when I was 15, we were accustomed to going to Jones Beach in the summers. Sometimes we did Field 4 and sometimes we did the pools. But we never drove around to other lots or explored other areas. As an adult I still only really go to field 2 or 6. I hate that long walk to the beach from field 4, I don’t care how cool it is (don’t act like you don’t).

The first thing that attracted me to explore field 10 is the seal watching sign. The second thing was its proximity to my house. We are currently sheltering in place and this is super local. On the first day I went, it was way too windy and sand was kicking up. I turned around at about a quarter mile in. On the second attempt it was high tide and we didn’t want to risk it. Finally today I was able to go just shy of the bridge during low tide. It’s a super easy walk, but expect plenty of company on nicer days. Especially within the first half mile.


GPS: 40.601219, -73.515707

Length: 3.0 miles RT

Time: 1H30M

Tip: Visit during low tide

The entrance to the trail is at the far left of the parking lot. Facing these signs I walked towards the left. On the better days I have found people crabbing and fishing off these piers. The piers and gazebo are nicely kept if you want to just walk there and avoid the sand.

This trail/beach is an out and back kind of deal. It’s approximately 1.5 miles from the parking lot to the Meadowbrook Parkway Bridge.

We saw a couple of people stop at this section here and turn around. Especially where it gets rocky. Unfortunately it’s also a bit dirty. We saw a seat cushion, plastics, glass, etc.

If you forge past this super dirty area (sigggghhhhhhh) you’ll get to a cleaner more solitary beach. It’s worth it as most people don’t seem willing to walk this far. The sand is softer here as well.

We didn’t see any seals, but we saw red winged black birds, American robins, seagulls, and plenty of sea-life carcasses. Below I’ll attach some pictures from today. I’ll also post a YouTube video this weekend. I hope we can all safely get out there soon. Happy social distancing 🙂


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