Mill Pond is one of my three go-to’s for local hikes. The trail is open year round and the pictures you’ll see throughout the post are from all different seasons. Some will be lush with greenery and some will look cold. But there’s always something different to enjoy depending on the month.

This is a relatively flat trail that loops around Mill Pond. There is an option to cross Sunrise Highway and continue to Wantagh Pond, but I haven’t done that hike yet. Stay tuned though because I plan on adding it to my list of completed hikes this summer.


Length: 1.2 miles

GPS: 40.664052, -73.519205

The trail is very easy to follow. I normally park on Merrick Road and walk towards the gazebo. It’s that easy! You’re on the trail! During the spring time I always see plenty of goslings. How cute? There are benches in and around the gazebo area if you just want to bird watch.

One of my favorite things about this pond is how close the birds get. They enjoy grazing not too far from the benches around the gazebo. There’s definitely a mutual understanding between us and them though. They graze, we watch.

If you hug the edge of the pond as you walk counter clockwise you’ll eventually find yourself next to Wantagh Parkway. I’ve spotted brown bunnies, frogs, and downy woodpeckers in this section of the trail. Keep an eye on the tops of trees and the pond’s edge if you’re trying to spot any.

Shortly after you’ll come across a bridge. Make a left here and continue the trail. Did I mention the park is dog friendly? You’ll see many people strolling around with their fluffy four legged friends.

PSA: Please curb your dogs. I have avoided stepping in it a few times while jogging this trail 😬

On quieter days I have found plenty of solitude here. I go early mornings if it’s a weekend to have the trail mostly to myself. I prefer when there are less humans walking around because it’s a great area for bird watching (and you forget you’re one block away from a pizzeria and a 7-Eleven lol).

You’ll cross two bridges total. I’ve seen people fishing off of these bridges in the past. There are a few areas to explore off trail, and I’ve seen plenty of people wandering off. Do so at your own risk.

Once I get near the end of my lap I keep left as if I’m going back to the gazebo once more.

I save the best for last on my walks/runs at Mill Pond. And it’s the best view of the pond in my opinion. Especially when it’s summer time and brilliantly green.

I’m also secretly hoping I see this guy again.

Well there you have it. Happy hiking!

Walking is man’s best medicine


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