GPS: 40.735514, -73.337522


TIME: 20 mins

ELEVATION: mostly flat


In trying to complete my 52 hike challenge I have gone back to parks I haven’t been to in years. My parents would drive us from Queens to Long Island to enjoy some much needed green spaces on the weekends.

As years went by I would also take my younger siblings to this park for BBQs and to ride on the pedal boats.


The park has several trails. The one I did runs along the perimeter of the lake. It’s a fitness trail with exercise elements along the way. From the parking lot we walked past the restrooms (which were open) straight to the lake’s edge.

We made a left and headed south on the trail. There were plenty of benches to rest on or enjoy the scenery. The trail is mostly flat so you may not need to take any breaks, but in the summer when it’s hot out they would serve as a nice reprieve.

On the walk around the lake we passed the closed dock. During the summer season we’ve rented pedal boats, rowboats and kayaks. You can also bring your own kayak or canoe to launch from the dock when it’s open.

The trail gets really close to the southern state parkway here. If you have small children with you on the walk I would ensure they stay close on the trail near this section.

If you make a left at this bridge you can follow the trail 3+ miles to Argyle Park in Babylon. We chose to do just the perimeter of the lake that day.

There are two cannons located on the walk as we approached the regional head quarters. According to the sign they were captured from a British warship during the battle of 1812. That would make them 208 years old, wow!

After the head quarters the trail continues north into a more wooded area. The trail departs a little from the lake but its still running mostly parallel.

We crossed this bridge on the trail. The wood was a little slick from the rain. Thank God for rugged terrain hiking boots lol.

At this fork in the trail we made a right to continue along the edge of the lake.

The lake had plenty of swans and ducks looking for some snacks. Next time we’ll bring some lettuce and frozen peas for our feathered friends 🙂

Once we were back to the lake’s edge where we started we headed back to the car. Obviously I made a quick detour at the bathroom and then went back to the car lol.


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