Pumpkins with the Pumpkin

I become a big kid the minute October 1st hits. That’s a lie… Fall Equinox is actual go time for me lol. I enjoy ALL things fall and I look forward to them even more now that we have Baby Luka! The weather has held up pretty well this year and we took advantage of it. I made sure to dress him in an insta-worthy outfit too (because sometimes we do it for the ‘gram). Only to have a massive blowout diaper like never before. The picture below was taken in the parking lot lol. And what you don’t see is me holding a wee-wee pad underneath his butt because it got EVERYWHERE. Thank God for all the extra clothes I packed the night before.

We’ve gone to F&W Schmitt’s Family Farm in the past at night for the haunted version. We like it because it’s local and inexpensive comparatively speaking. This time we went on a Thursday at 12:00pm which is when they opened. There were already several cars in the rear lot but not full in the least. Funny enough there were plenty of other parents doing diaper changes on the ground/in the trunk and dressing their little pumpkins in all sorts of cute outfits. The line was non-existent and the entrance fee was $10pp.

Admission includes the hayride to and from the pumpkin patch, different photo opp stations, and the playground. They have the giant chairs, wooden cutouts, rows and rows of sunflowers.

The pumpkins and the veggies are sold by the pound. Sunflowers were $2 a pop. We took one roots and all to plant in my MIL’s backyard. We also saw eggplants, beets, and green beans. And they have corn stalks for sale at the store near the exit.

There’s more to do than just pick pumpkins here. Think a la carte. There’s a petting zoo, a corn maze and other attractions available for a fee. Our baby is too young for those other attractions so we appreciated not paying more for things we wouldn’t be able to enjoy with him.

We like this patch not just for its contents but for its proximity to food too lol. It’s really close to route 110 where you have your pick of places to eat.


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