Happy New Year Everyone!!! (When does one stop wishing people a happy new year in the new year?)

This ladies and gentlemen is not a motivational page. Or maybe it isn’t yet, and one day it will be? I don’t know. I believe I am writing this with a more “Ughhhhhh, am I really going to commit to this?” tone. I am just oozing with sarcasm these days.

Why do you ask? Because today is January 18th. That means that I have avoided writing this for 18 days. I had a rough start to the year and have been feeling super unmotivated. Borderline depressed even. Definitely don’t care to dive into that sentence right now though. And knowing I am starting behind schedule definitely triggers me. I am going to force myself to ignore that feeling though. Because today we are looking forward. Looking out to the rest of the year and the exciting thing I’m about to throw myself into. I have decided to get my ass off my couch and dust off my hiking boots…

I am officially announcing that I will be attempting to complete a 52 HIKE CHALLENGE. (Gasp!)

Everyone I’ve seen online has their own set of rules for their personal challenge. I’ve even seen an official website for a challenge if you’re choosing to go that route. I’ll leave the link for that HERE.

Personally, I have two rules for my challenge:

  1. It must be outdoors.
  2. It must be at least 1 mile.

That’s it. Simple and effective. The whole point is to get myself moving and doing the things I love most with my favorite people.

I’ll be updating this post whenever I hike. The links will be numbered so we can keep track of my progress. And if you’re a friend or relative of mine, ask me when we’re going hiking πŸ™‚

  1. Sam’s Point (JAN 18, 2020 – 1.2 M)
  2. Cross Bay Blvd Bike Trail (JAN 19 2020 – 1.0 M)
  3. Hackers and Raymondskill Falls (JAN 26 2020 – 3.3 M)
  4. Schunemunk Mountain & Megaliths (FEB 16 2020 – 7.2 M)
  5. Awosting Falls (FEB 22 2020 – 1.2 M)
  6. Mill Pond (FEB 23 2020 – 1.1 M)
  7. Thunder Knob (FEB 28 2020 – 3.6 M)
  8. Beard’s Hollow & North Head Lighthouse (FEB 29 2020 – 1.2 M)
  9. Gateway National Recreation Area (MAR 15 2020 – 1.6 M)
  10. Wantagh Park (MAR 21 2020 – 3.0 M)
  11. Mill Pond (MAR 22 2020 – 1.7 M)
  12. ??

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